Ana Politics and the Life Sciences

Politics and the Life Sciences

Yayımcı: Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
ISSN: 0730-9384 / 1471-5457


Politics and the Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with a global audience. PLS is owned and published by the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, the APLS. The PLS topic range is exceptionally broad. Recent issues have addressed chemical and biological terrorism, the evolution of group formation and ritualistic deception, the neuroscience of intolerance and violence, the genetics controversy in criminology, feminism and the evolutionary sciences, adolescent sexuality in public policy, pregnancy and substance-abuse policy, assisted reproduction, germ-line gene therapy, physician-assisted suicide, biotechnology regulation, population policy, and the political economy of global environmental degradation and stewardship. Typical contributors include political scientists, life scientists, bioethicists, clinicians, health-policy scholars, physical anthropologists, moral and evolutionary philosophers, international security experts, jurists, and ecological economists. PLS is printed and mailed just twice a year, March and September, but accepted papers are published online immediately after finishing the review-and-revision process and prepress routine. They are thus available for subscribers, for the press, for the general public in some cases, and for inclusion in electronic databases well before appearing in hard copy.

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